31 AAPI Podcasts for AAPI Heritage Month 2023

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AAPI stands for Asian American and Pacific Islander, a term that describes a diverse and fast-growing population of 23 million Americans from roughly 50 ethnic groups with roots in more than 40 countries.

The Asian American Podcasters Association is similarly diverse, representing podcasts in every category. For Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month, we are proud to present this list of 31 podcasts, one for every day in the month of May.

Thank you for joining us to celebrate AAPI podcasters, and we hope it provides you with wonderful new podcasts to add to your playlist.

For more, be sure to check our directory of more than 780 podcasts!

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Affirmation Pod

Get soothing affirmations to boost your mental health! This weekly podcast gives you self-love affirmations for confidence, focus and success.


Ken Fong gets to the heart of Asian American culture, history, and spirituality. Through interviews with culture-makers and -shapers in the Asian American community — prepare to laugh, cry, and be amazed.

2020 Golden Crane Winner: AAP Advancement & Achievement


AuthEthnic is a podcast for those that want unfiltered discussions around race, social issues and the Asian/American experience. Hosted by Jen Lee and Yonsoo Kang, we invite BIPOC and APIAs to have authentic conversations. And not about boba or raves.

2020 Golden Crane Winner: Best Coverage Racial

Color of Success

The Color of Success communicates the stories of Asian, Asian Americans/Canadians, and ethnic minorities as they build brands, businesses, and careers, and mental health strategies to deal with self-doubt, anxiety, and barriers.

2021 Golden Crane Winner: Best Mental Health

Earth Eclipsed

A brilliant neuroscientist on the brink of a galaxy-changing discovery that will save millions of lives has her work cut short when she’s kidnapped by a renegade miner.

2021 Golden Crane Winner: Best Audio Drama

Dear Workplace

Hosted by workplace creativity expert Monica H. Kang, we’ll study the latest trends, changes, and challenges to untangle workplace people problems.

2021 Golden Crane Winner: Best Business/Finance


en(gender)ed features stories that explore the systems, practices, and policies that enable gender-based violence and oppression and the solutions to end it.

2020 Golden Crane Winner: AAP Most Valuable Member

Feeling Asian

After a lifetime of holding in their emotions (shoutout to Korean moms!), comedians Youngmi Mayer and Brian Park are ready to let them all out.

Feet In 2 Worlds: A Better Life?

“A Better Life?” explores how America’s failed response to COVID-19 has reshaped immigrants’ lives and their relationship to the United States.

2020 Golden Crane Winner: Best Coverage COVID
2021 Golden Crane Winner: Best Society & Culture

Future Hindsight

Future Hindsight is a weekly podcast that takes big ideas about civic life and democracy and turns them into action items for everyday people.

2020 Golden Crane Winner: Best Interview Skills

Guy Kawasaki’s Remarkable People

Featuring interviews with remarkable people such as Jane Goodall, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Marc Benioff, Woz, Kristi Yamaguchi, and Bob Cialdini. Every episode will make you more remarkable.

2020 Golden Crane Winner: Best New Show

#impact Podcast

impact Podcast proudly presents people making a social impact with the work they do.

Immigrantly: Conversations on Race, Culture & the Immigrant Experience

Hosted by social entrepreneur & activist Saadia Khan, Immigrantly uses history and current events to consider Immigrants experiences & stories.

2021 Golden Crane Winner: Best Asian Culture: Stories and Experience

King of the World

Rifelion Media presents “King of the World”: a seven-part podcast series about a Pakistani American Muslim teenager who comes of age post-9/11 and, twenty years later, tries to figure out what the hell happened to him and to us.

2021 Golden Crane Winner: Best Production

LAN Parties: A Video Gaming and Esports Podcast

LAN Parties is a weekly podcast from the Las Vegas Review-Journal covering the world of video gaming and esports.

2021 Golden Crane Winner: Best Entertainment/TV/Film

Legends From The Pacific

Join Kamuela Kaneshiro as he shares tales of people, traditions, and gods from Pacific Island countries, Asia, Australia, and the Americas.

Let’s Have This Conversation

Second-generation Chinese American Women share their lives and experiences through interviews, one woman at a time.

2020 Golden Crane Winner: AAP Most Valuable Member

Letter to My Ex

A podcast where hope, heartbreak and healing are found through letters.

2021 Golden Crane Winner: Best Wellness

Little Mind Chats

A podcast for Kids. Right thoughts at the right age makes a world of difference for the future of kids like us.

2020 Golden Crane Winner: Best Interview Elementary

Militantly Mixed

Militantly Mixed, is a podcast about race and identity from the Mixed-Race perspective.

2020 Golden Crane Winner: Best Cover Art
2021 Golden Crane Winner: Best Asian Culture: Stories and Experience

Model Minority: Uniquely American

A podcast that breaks down the model minority myth and showcases stories from the Asian, MiddleEastern, and African immigrants and first generation American communities.

2020 Golden Crane Winner: Excellence in Reporting

Retire There with Gil & Gene

Join hosts Gil and Gene each week as they explore a new potential retirement location.

2021 Golden Crane Winner: Best Society & Culture

Self Evident: Asian America’s Stories

We tell Asian America’s stories to go beyond being seen. Self Evident presents reported stories and radically open conversations from the everyday Asian Americans who have been confronting this question for generations.

2020 Golden Crane Winner: Best Coverage AAPI

Scrolls & Leaves: World History Podcast

Epic histories from the Indian subcontinent, through the eyes of the marginalized. Hosted by journalists Gayathri Vaidyanathan and Mary-Rose Abraham, who reflect on how these histories define the present.

2021 Golden Crane Winner: Best Sound Design

Seraphina Speaks

Host, Seraphina, shares her thoughts on what’s happening in the world and asks smart questions on unpredictable topics. This is a podcast for curious kids, and clever grown-ups too!

2020 Golden Crane Winner: Best Production Elementary

Shoes Off

Winner of Smartest Podcast at the Australian Podcast Awards 2021 – this is the written, produced and edited podcast made by and for Asian Australians, because we don’t talk about race and culture enough.

2020 Golden Crane Winner: Best Sound Design

Stories with Sapphire

Join host Sapphire Sandalo (Ghost Town Terror, Something Scary, Paranormal Caught On Camera), a Filipino American on a mission to add more empathy and diversity to the paranormal, supernatural, and horror communities through stories and interviews from the Philippines and around the world.

2020 Golden Crane Winner: Best Editing

Talking Taiwan

Hosted by Felicia Lin, Talking Taiwan is about the interesting people and stories connected to Taiwan and Taiwan’s global community – in Taiwan, the US, and around the world.

2021 Golden Crane Winner: Sports/Hobby/Special Interest

The Tao of Self Confidence

The Tao of Self Confidence is a podcast created for you, the woman who is on her inner journey to self confidence no matter what stage you are at.

2020 Golden Crane Winner: Best Community Outreach

Urgent Care with Joel Kim Booster and Mitra Jouhari

In the grand tradition of Love Line, Savage Love and Dear Abbey, self-proclaimed lifestyle gurus/very successful freaks Joel Kim Booster and Mitra Jouhari dispense completely unqualified advice to people who apparently have nowhere else to turn.

2020 Golden Crane Winner: Best Comedy Show

Young Legends

Through interviews of successful athletes, comedians, musicians, actors, etc. as well as solo episodes, Kaption Red helps you discover the life principles that will help you rise to the top.

2020 Golden Crane Winner: AAP Most Valuable Member

Here are two bonus podcasts produced by AAP founders Lee Uehara and Andy Wang. Since they’ve deemed their podcasts ineligible for the annual Golden Crane Podcast Awards, we’re happy to share them here.

House of Lee NYC

Lee and her guests will share life’s random DIYs, hacks, tips and how-tos for resourceful living. With New York City as home base, you’ll get Lee’s latest fun spots to explore in town.

Inspired Money

Whether you want to launch a side hustle, pay down debt, or give money to charity, listen to Inspired Money because big things begin with just a little inspiration.

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