Ceremony: Tuesday, December 21st, 2021 at 7PM (EST)
(virtual, livestream)

AAP’s GOLDEN CRANE Podcast Awards 2021

Submission Form for Nominations
Deadline: December 7th, 2021, 11:59 p.m. EST

This award honors podcasts of distinction and overall excellence. While the purpose is to recognize and increase visibility of Asian and Asian American podcasters, winning a GOLDEN CRANE also encourages under-represented showrunners to further strengthen their voices and highlight their work. All are welcome to apply.

– Current podcasts only, with at least one episode published in November 2021.
– Language: English. Perhaps we can offer other languages next year.
– Public podcast, with an RSS feed not behind a pay wall. Videocasts and shows that do not have an RSS feed are ineligible.
– Entrants can self-nominate their own show.
– Shows can be nominated for more than one category. Each category submission requires the corresponding entry fee.
– Students (elementary, middle school, high school) must enter their work in the student category.

– Students: entry fee is $15 per category entry, with proof of current matriculation.
– AAP members: entry fee is $25 per category entry. Must be a member of our Facebook group — AND— be a current subscriber to our newsletter.
Submitters can join AAP at any time before nominating their entry. It is free to join right now. Click HERE to join.
– Non-AAP members: entry fee is $50 per category entry.
– Entry is considered incomplete and ineligible without payment.
– All transactions are final, and there are no refunds.

– Entries are judged based on the quality of work submitted, regardless of downloads and listenership.
– There is a panel of judges, and submitted shows do not need to garner votes; the GOLDEN CRANE Podcast Awards program is not a social-media popularity contest.
– AAP and judges reserve the right to withhold awards if the quality does not merit recognition.

Additional Information:
-Winners will be announced on Tuesday, December 21st during the live ceremony, which will be livestreamed.
– Nominees must attend.
– It is a black-tie event. And really fun, we might add.
– For an entry which includes more than one person, all names will be listed on the award.
– There is one award per winning show; individuals on a team may purchase an award for themselves for an additional fee.
For last year’s winners, click HERE.

Categories for 2021:

▪️ Audio Drama
▪️ Business/Finance
▪️ Entertainment/TV/Film
▪️ Mental Health
▪️ Production
▪️ Society & Culture
▪️ Sound Design
▪️ Sports/Hobby (Special Interest)
▪️ Student-Age-Hosted Podcast (Ages 8 to 17)
▪️ Wellness/Self-Improvement
▪️ Asian Culture: Stories and Experiences