List of 2023 Golden Crane Podcast Awards


Best Arts + Crafts / Creativity Podcast
The Everyday Talent Podcast
Host: Betty Xie

Best Asian Culture: Stories and Experiences Podcast
Ten Thousand Things
Host + Team: Shin Yu Pai, Whitney Henry-Lester, Jim Gates

Best Podcast Produced for Kids
The Children’s Hour
Producers: Katie Stone + Christina Stella

Best Bingeworthy Podcast
Stories with Sapphire*
Host: Sapphire Sandalo
*This show has won an GOLDEN CRANE award in a previous year.

Best Business/Finance Podcast
Inclusive Collective
Hosts: Nadia Butt + Rob Hadley

Best Drama/Fiction Podcast
Table Read Podcast
Team: Shaan Sharma, Jack Levy, Mark Knell, Charmaine Colina

Best Entertainment/TV/Film Podcast
The Official Warrior Podcast
Team: Lisa Ling, Hoon Lee, Rebecca Lehrer, Amy Choi, Shelby Sandlin, Becky Rho, Allison Cohen, Kenia Reyes

Best Entrepreneur/Solopreneur Podcast
The Side Hustle Club
Host: Cheryl Lau

Best History Podcast
Team: Felix Poon, Rebecca Lavoie, Taylor Quimby, Nate Hegyi, Justine Paradis, Jessica Hunt

Best LGBTQ+ Podcast
Ten Thousand Things
Host + Team: Shin Yu Pai, Whitney Henry-Lester, Jim Gates

Best News Podcast Podcast
Inside China
Host: Jasmine Tse, Producer: Jarrod Watt

Best Parenting Podcast
Mommying While Muslim
Hosts: Uzma Jafri, Zaiba Hasan

PodcastBest Unique + Fun Podcast
The Unofficial Official Story Podcast
Hosts: Koji Steven Sakai, Dwayne Perkins, Cat Alvarado

Best Wellness/Self-Improvement Podcast
The Imaginal Podcast
Host: Lori “Sas” Sase


(Nominated shows are listed in alphabetical order.)

AntiFragile Entrepreneurship
Host: Courtney Elmer

Blood on Gold Mountain
Host: Micah Huang

Boom Vision Podcast
Host: Benjamin Yeh

Campfire Stories Podcast
Host: Earl Matito

Come Back to Care
Host: Nat Nadha Vikitsreth

Dateable Podcast
Hosts: Yue Xu + Julie Krafchick

Every Day Talent Podcast
Host: Betty Xie

Future Hindsight
Host: Mila Atmos

Kenny The Sports Guy Podcast
Host: Kenny Servera

LAN Parties
Host: Lukas Eggen

Mommy’s on a Call
Host: Stephanie Uchima-Carney

Nuances Podcast
Host: Sherry-Lynn (Lazou) LeeSinica Podcast
Host: Kaiser Kuo

The Color of Success Podcast
Host: Stephanie Wong

The Lucy Liu Show
Host: Lucy Liu

The Slant Podcast
Host: Dana Tai Soon Burgess

Tuckered Out with Ami Thakkar
Host: Ami Thakkar