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AAP Condemns Racism, Hate, and Violence AND Calls All Podcasters to Use Their Platforms to Support AAPIs

March 24, 2021

(NEW YORK) — The Asian American Podcasters Association (AAP) condemns racism, hate, and violence and reinforces the critical need to be purposely inclusive of all people. As content creators, editors, hosts, and producers, we are uniquely positioned to use our platforms for good and to serve as resources for constructive conversations.

Change starts with each of us. Thus, AAP is calling on ALL podcasters to take action — whenever and wherever possible, including on your show.

Suggested Drop for Your Next Episode:

“In other news, please join me in stopping Asian and Asian American hate by speaking up and doing what you can to be part of the solution. Please support and stand up for equality for all people of color. It can be as simple as letting your network know that you are an ally and that you’re checking in on friends. I’ll put a link in this episode’s show notes for more information on #stopasianhate.”
(LINK: http://www.AAPodcasters.org/stopasianhate)

We also urge all podcasters to reach out to us to highlight and showcase AAPI showrunners and their various expertise on given topics. We have an AAP Speakers Bureau and are more than happy to introduce you to any one of our listed podcasters.

AAP is grateful to those podcasters who have consistently shown up as allies for AAPIs – and all other people of color. Such allyship affects how Asians and Asian Americans are seen and treated – and promotes positive change for a more inclusive and compassionate society across this nation.

More information and resources, including podcasts, news articles, and advocacy organizations can be found on the AAP website, at http://www.AAPodcasters.org/stopasianhate/.

For AAPIs: Do not be silent any longer; you have a point of view that can benefit us — and the world. So, please accept our invitation to join us at our next AAP Fireside Chat (link is above). All are welcome.

— The Asian American Podcasters Association


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