(Image: Danielle Desir of WOC Podcasters; Michele Cobb of The Podcast Academy; Felix Montelara of the Latin Podcast Awards; Georgie-Ann Getton of The Black Podcast Awards; AAP’s Lee Uehara representing the Golden Crane Podcast Awards.)

Despite little funding, Podthon ’21 marks a first in the podcasting field by paying its speakers – and continues to bring industry leaders together, organizers said.

Podthon ’21, an inclusive virtual summit now in its third year, has long wanted to pay its speakers, something that podcasting conferences rarely do outside of keynote speakers and celebrities, co-founder Danielle Desir said.

“We almost didn’t produce this year’s Podthon because we see industry-wide improvements but we are not quite there yet. However now, being able to give each speaker some compensation for their time and expertise makes us really proud to be able to do,” co-founder Danielle Desir said. “The gesture is symbolic of our mission: to highlight the work of podcasters of color and pay them.”

And, Podthon is like the little engine that could, co-founder Lee Uehara said. “Each year we think about which industry leaders we can bring together to share information that attendees may not have access to – for example, this year we have an entire keynote panel about podcast awards programs with representatives from The Ambies and The Podcast Academy, the Latin Podcast Awards, Black Podcasting Awards, and the Golden Crane Podcasting Awards.” Podthon does all this without mainstream sponsorships.

Podthon is the brainchild of two leading industry groups, the Asian American Podcasters Association (AAP) and Women of Color Podcasters (WOCP). One pillar of its mission is to encourage more people of color to become speakers and have a presence on more stages world-wide.

Podthon, a virtual podcasting summit, will be held on Saturday and Sunday, July 17 – 18, 2021.

For ticketing:  http://www.Podthon.com.
For more information: info@podthon.com, (212) 655-9840.   
For sponsorship opportunities: info@podthon.com, (212) 655-9840.    
AAP is home of the Golden Crane Podcast Awards and the world’s first-ever Asian Podcast Festival. Be sure to check out our directory of 700+ shows here.

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